Fantastic facilitation Tanya! You helped shape a productive and efficient agenda for our Board, Staff and Volunteer session. Visioning our future with the graphics was a highlight, and the whole day was a great success! Thank you!
Lena Bassford
Executive Director

“Our discussions with 30 people were complex, complicated and a full day long. We really needed Tanya’s expertise to help sort through the maze. She also added a quiet, but festive quality.” – Bill Staples, Treasurer ICA Associates Inc., Toronto.

Thank you so much for being a part of our kick off! Your work is amazing! I am so happy we will have it in our office to enjoy all year!                                                                                                   Jennifer Naclerio, Education First/Education Tours     

Tanya is a wonderful addition at our community meetings! She has an incredible ability to engage with community members, and then skillfully and quickly incorporate their ideas into a beautiful mural. Tanya’s approach ensures that community members are heard and see their ideas being incorporated.
Frannie Heeney
Planner, Brook Pooni Associates

Tanya, You provided an awesome day for us! The network really came together under your leadership and facilitation. We loved the graphics too!  Lawrence Heights Inter-Organizational Network

Your graphics and analysis were terrific! They really enhanced our planning day!

The Board of Directors and I appreciate your competent support during our Strategic Visioning session. Thanks for the facilitation and graphic recording – a tremendous addition to our day!

Thanks for teaching us all your graphic tips and tricks for making awesome Graphic Recordings!  Workshop participant