These statements represent the values, principles and approach I uphold in my work.  All associates that work with me confirm the same values, principles and approach.

Honesty, Trust & Respect:  I work with open and honest communication. I respect and value the diverse experience and contribution each person brings to a process or endeavour.  I refer work that is beyond my scope of capacity or expertise.

Communication:  I work to understand my client’s context, expectations and perspective, which are sometimes quite complex with competing interests.  I strive for consistent, clear and timely communication.  I acknowledge the context and reality that organizations and individuals are working in and promote momentum toward positive change.  For information on my privacy commitments click

Collaboration:  I work with clients in partnership to accomplish their goals.  I value collaborative and collective development, while simultaneously sharing the best practices and grounded recommendations I’ve learned or experienced in my career.  I’m not afraid of not having all the answers and trust that collaboration bring synergy and the best process and outcome.

Strengths-based, appreciative focus:  I help clients shape their process or endeavour on their strengths and support their transferring that learning and replicating its effects toward positive change. I strive to help clients identify their success factors by asking “where did you do it right?” rather than “where did you go wrong?” 

Creativity and Flexibility: I value and integrate creativity to promote greater results in a given process or endeavour.  When faced with inevitable change, I strive to promote innovation and synergy.
Reliability & Professionalism:  I am reliable and maintain professionalism with regard to my commitments.  My approach and language varies to maximize the outcomes and to suit the intended audience(s) or stakeholder group, which are diverse and range from very casual to more formal. 

Values and Ethics: My facilitation practice commits to upholding International Association of Facilitator’s Statement of Values and Code of Ethics and Conduct.  Services other than facilitation are offered with a commitment to these values and principles statements.

Anti-Oppression: I endeavour to work from within an anti-oppressive frame and hold a commitment to value the voices and experience of all people; to name prejudice and privilege and to create safer places for people to participate in full exchange with each other.

Personal/Professional Growth:  I am committed to personal and professional growth by intentionally engaging in professional and personal development to enhance my capacities and personal effectiveness. I keep abreast of current trends, legislation and develop both hard and soft skills to enhance and promote positive social change through my work. This includes being reflective and responsible for my actions, fear, insecurity or defensiveness and how it effects my efficacy. I strive to be present in as many moments as possible.

Focus on results: I strive to articulate and then achieve measurable, concrete results and quality service to meet client’s goals and promote positive social change that is informed by engaged stakeholders.

Exploring Assumptions: Most problems cannot be solved at the level they are asked.  Answers are found by reframing these problems in a larger context and can often be best revealed through the exploration of assumptions.

Taking a System’s View:  When working with organizations or addressing complex issues, I strive to incorporate a systems view, as it encourages multiple perspectives, interconnectivity and acknowledges complexity.  I help people to see interrelationships and patterns rather than static “snapshots”. 

Sustainability: I strive to minimize the impact of my work on the earth and the use of resources.