Graphic Facilitation & Recording

Tanya does both Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation. She is a member of and has been a trainer for the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP.  Originally trained at McGill University by Jack Pearpoint on these techniques in 1993, Tanya either custom designs templates or utilizes tested templates to help frame this work.  To find out more about what Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation are read more.

Graphic Recording involves visually capturing the essential ideas of an event or key note address in words, images and colour on large-sized paper as they are being spoken in front of a group (in person or online).

Graphic Facilitation joins the benefits of recording with the benefits of an impartial facilitator concerned with group process and keeping people on track. It illuminates connections, encourages contribution, learning and innovation by engaging participants in a meaningful, collaborative way. It helps participants visualise problems and see solutions. Groups create visual maps and can address complex issues or planning.