Tanya Gerber

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Tanya has a strong comfort in community based work and a commitment to an anti-oppressive practice with collaborative, participative design.  Tanya taps into the wisdom of stakeholders, complemented by her experienced, thoughtful and informed perspective to nurture creative, synergistic opportunities to build new and augment existing strengths and relationships in any given project. Tanya’s passion for graphic facilitation and recording is often incorporated and complemented by her diverse experience.
After almost 20 years’ experience managing social service and advocacy organizations, I am committed to continuing to support non-profits, social service providers and social-purpose enterprises in their visioning and planning processes or supporting the sector in a consulting role. I often use a technique called graphic facilitation or graphic recording to help groups think through, plan or evaluate their goals, work or projects. This technique uses colourful text and simple images drawn by hand on large-scale paper in front of a group. It engages people and helps synergies emerge. Processes are either custom-designed or adapted from well-respected and published processes (World Café, Technology of Participation, Creative Problem Solving, Creative Problem Solving Process, Focused Conversation, MAPS, and PATH) which foster collaborative, inclusive conversations and processes that lead to dynamic and powerful results. Services are offered from a principle-centred approach and draw on my experience in service design, non-profit management and human resource management. I hope to help you accomplish your goals.
Select Accomplishments:

  • Group process facilitation and graphic recording including a welcoming inclusive community for newcomers with Lawrence Heights LIP Committee and Lawrence Heights Inter-Organization Network, service mapping for youth in Regent Park (School Community Action Alliance RP), service visioning and network development (GUHD, Growing Up Healthy Downtown), support partnership development with multi-organizational network in Regent Park addressing crime prevention and anti-gang work.
  • Program evaluation; key informant interviews and focus groups for strategic planning purposes; service and social purpose business planning;
  • Human Resource recruitment in multiple small and mid-sized non-profits with intentional anti-oppression and inclusive practice.
  • Human Resource generalist support, including collaborative and formal labour negotiations Dixon Hall Neighbourhood House (mid-sized multi-service provider, approx. 9 million budget).
  • Policy development work at Dixon Hall Neighbourhood House and other small to mid-sized service agencies.
  • Executive Director of AIDWYC, a small successful national advocacy association providing pro-bono legal support to those claiming wrongful conviction.

Founding Manager of LabourLink for Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Centre, which supports primarily temporary employment opportunities for people with current, recent or at-risk experience of homelessness, including newcomer status and residence in Regent Park public housing.
 What’s this about “Associates”?   Although services are most frequently delivered solely by Tanya, there is a strong network of experienced, professional colleagues with whom collaboration occurs to ensure you’re always getting the best service. We exchange facilitation techniques and frameworks, share best practices and collaborate or work jointly on a project, especially when there are short turnaround times, risk-laden decisions, complex or volatile contexts or large events.