Tanya Gerber


I am passionate about graphic facilitation and graphic recording. I’ve have been doing it full time since 2008.  I use graphic facilitation and graphic recording to help groups think through, plan or evaluate their initiatives. Using colourful text and simple images, I engage people and help synergies emerge. I make complex ideas easier to understand and share.  Processes are either custom-designed or adapted from well-respected and published processes (World Café, Technology of Participation, Creative Problem Solving, Creative Problem Solving Process, Focused Conversation, MAPS, and PATH) to foster collaborative, inclusive  processes that lead to dynamic and powerful results. Services are offered from a principle-centred approach and draw on my experience in service design, non-profit management and human resource management.

Although services are mostly delivered by Tanya, there is a strong network of experienced, professional colleagues to help ensure you’re always getting excellent service. We collaborate and work jointly on  large scale projects.