Strategic Planning & Facilitation Services

Facilitation services: Customized and template-grounded group process facilitation for:

  • Meeting or Event Facilitation: Network, Organizational or Program Meetings; Annual General Meetings;
  • Community Engagement & Community Based Research: Community Consultations; Focus Groups; Community Development  or Program/service development planning; Committee or Network planning or evaluation sessions,
  • Focus Group or Conversation Facilitation: Key Informant interviews (with transcripts); partnership discovery processes. Facilitation includes co-setting agendas, exercises and processes to match desired outcomes.  Facilitation may be coupled with Graphic Recording, as appropriate.  Graphically recording sessions or events on large scale paper in real time.  These sessions may be for organizational or community visioning, key-note addresses, celebrations, educational events, historical timelines, etc.  See Graphic recording and facilitation page for more information.

Strategic Planning:  

  • Custom designed feasible process that matches the organization`s scope and resources… we can work within your budget 
  • Perform Functions of the process including but not limited to: coaching Chair of Planning Committee; internal and external environmental scans (including underlying assumptions); identification/confirmation of core values and mission statement; trend discoveries; literature reviews; opportunity scans; full stakeholder engagement for input (retreats, focus groups, on-line & paper surveys etc.); visioning and prioritizing strategic directions, goals and milestones.
  • Implementation Support with the co-creation of a corresponding Operational Plan or implementation plan, including desired milestones and a communications strategy.