Services to Not-for-Profits

Interim Management: 

Stabilize organizations in crisis or with concerns by the provision of management support when there is a vacancy in a management position (either Exec. Director, Director or Program Manager level) to ensure operations continue seamlessly and relations are maintained or restored with the Board of Directors, staff members, clients, funders or other stakeholders;  Ensure existing contracts are upheld or organizational integrity is restored or intact.

Improving Services or Internal Systems first by reviewing existing systems and workflow, eliciting input, clarifying desired outcomes, generating ‘best practice’ recommendations (ie. HR practices, operational functions etc.) and/or new system creation (ie. forms, processes, workflow etc.)

Supporting Financial Stability by maintaining or re-stabilizing lapsed reporting or funder relationship(s); review and fulfillment of By-Law and CRA obligations; audits etc.

Board Support with professional liaison and communication with existing Board Members; assistance in the recruitment of new members; clarifying governance model and training; coaching on Director’s best practices.