Tanya Gerber


I support non-profits, social service providers and social-purpose enterprises in visioning and planning processes.  I often use a technique called graphic facilitation or graphic recording to help groups think through, plan or evaluate their goals, work or projects. This technique uses colourful text and simple images drawn by hand on large-scale paper in front of the group. It engages people and helps synergies emerge.  Processes are either custom-designed or adapted from well-respected and published processes (World CafĂ©, Technology of Participation, Creative Problem Solving, Creative Problem Solving Process, Focused Conversation, MAPS, and PATH) which foster collaborative, inclusive conversations and processes that lead to dynamic and powerful results.  Services are offered from a principle-centred approach and draw almost 20 years’ experience managing social service and advocacy organizations for and facilitating group processes.   This experience in service design, non-profit management and human resources could aide in accomplishing your goals. 

Along with an eclectic network of professional Associates, I offer a solid set of experience and skills related to:

  • Group process facilitation
  • Community development
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Program development
  • Strategic planning
  • Human resources management
  • Non-profit management and governance
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Graphic Facilitation

Graphic Facilitation joins the benefits of recording with the benefits of an impartial facilitator concerned with group process and keeping people on track. It illuminates connections, encourages contribution, learning and innovation by participants in a meaningful, collaborative way. It helps participants visualize problems and see solutions. Groups create visual maps and can address complex issues or planning.